My 30 day challenge, Food & Fitness

Welcome to Friday my Friends!

Well here we are, made it through another treacherous week of mayhem to grasp the weekend by the neck and squeeze every drop of life out of it.  I know, what a morbid analogy but hey, its true.

Can you tell I collect pens, I collect pens, yeah I do.


This week and has been a strange Peregrination to say the least.  Many highs and lows throughout but none without positive outcomes.  I am weening myself off Propranolol right now due to unbearable side effect such as tinnitus, depression, cloudy thoughts, lack of energy and purpose.  I had gotten to the the point where I just sat in my living room staring out the window with no ambition or motivation.  This is not me in the least.  I savor life in of itself.  Since lowering and tapering my dosage all symptoms have eased and I am coming back to center, so to speak.  I feel more present and I am getting back to my life such as reading, crocheting, biking and listening to music.  I decided to reread one of my favorite author Carl Hiaasen’s novels, Basket Case (my copy is well read).  Growing up in Florida in the 70s and 80s I relate to his writing style and he really has a way of “spinning a yarn”.  I have his novel “Nature Girl” waiting in the wings.  That will be my next read.  I cannot do much physically right now due to sciatic nerve pain (again) so it’s back to the physiologist next Tuesday. But, I am doing everything I can to keep active.


Speaking of Florida, I took the opportunity to watch Jimmy Buffett’s Orange Beach, AL concert on YouTube Wednesday night, that’s when I knew the side effects of the medication were easing because I felt “joy” which has eluded me for some time now.  But, it’s Jimmy so it goes without saying.  I need to get to one of his shows soon.  Yes, I am a “parrothead”.


My son began a diet & exercise program in January and has done an amazing job at loosing 70 pounds so far. He has begun coaching me as well and I have lost 13 in a month and a half.  He began cutting out processed foods, sugars and then meat.  We did vegetarian for a time but we both didn’t feel our best.  We switched up to the Paleo diet and that is where its at, for us at least.  The positive changes in my body are so obvious.  You see, I have the need to lose 100 pounds, yes I said 100 pounds.  And, I just turned 50 (huge sigh).  I plan to share all of this on my blog as well as many other topics of my life.


I went to the drive-in last night to see “guardians of the Galaxy 2″ & Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales”.  Guardians was excellent, of course, Pirates was “cute, campy but not quite as good the others”.


My shopping excursion this afternoon produced quite a bargain find.  There was one lone Beachwaver S1 on the shelf, not even in the right place.  It was sitting there in the electronics section just waiting for me at the Bargain Hunt, but the best thing about it was, get this, it was only $58! I know right! I cannot believe the price.



todays fitness brought to you by “Retrospec”.  After almost 3 years I decided to get my bike down from its suspended animation in the garage, clean it up and take it for a spin.  Yes, I almost passed out and Yes, I had the most fun and will be taking it out again tomorrow.  There were a few hills so I had to walk the bike but, those are just challenges to overcome right?  Tomorrow, Yoga and curry chicken, YUM!

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30 day challenge, fitness & food!

30 days of low calorie paleo diet.

30 days of 30+ minutes of exercise a day.




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