Weekend Road Trip + Cycling Training

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Good Morning!

Well, the past few days have been busy.  I still haven’t gotten everything done I need to.  One reason is because my sciatic nerve is bothering me again, the pain stops me from doing some projects like finishing the remodel on the half-bath down stairs and going paddle boarding.  We did take a drive to Turkey Bay in Kentucky on Sunday, took the jeep on some trails and got a little muddy but weren’t able to drive around the lakes perimeter like I’d hoped to.  The water was just too high, all the way up into the trees right now.

Cycling on the greenway is getting easier but my time is still embarrassing to say the least.  Each day the ride gets a little easier and I hope to soon be riding at the speed and distance I use too.  I am going to post most of my rides to keep myself accountable.  I did not turn on my app until I got to the greenway which is .80 miles and I didn’t stop the time until I was in the house sitting down.  I will admit I had to stop several times to hydrate and had to walk my bike up a couple of hills.  But those hills are just challenges I need to overcome.

Yesterdays ride!


First order of business this morning was of course, coffee.  We love our pour-over here and grind our own beans.  After finding out that some ground coffee has a little more then you bargained for in it we’ve opted to grind our own.  And, I absolutely love coconut oil in my coffee, heck in everything really.  I have always loved coconut anything.

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I am still trying to ween myself off of Propranolol but my BP has climbed a bit.  In researching I found information on cucumber juice being very good for blood pressure so I am having a glass each morning, in my favorite glass.  It was my Dad’s and I kept it when we cleaned out the condo.  I miss him so much, especially on hot summer days when I know the fishing and golf are good at the beach.  I should really start golfing again…


My son has become my personal trainer I guess.  I grabbed a bottle of juice (mostly fruit) for lunch yesterday and he told me “don’t drink that for lunch, its nothing but sugar.  You need vegetable protein.”  Hence the delicious veggie plate was created and sprinkled with avocado oil and Italian herbs.  And, a couple of pickles for good measure although I need to cut back on sodium.


This Third Street tea is my new “ish”!  I love this stuff ice cold after a long walk or ride.  I sit out on the patio and enjoy one of these.  We took a few in the cooler this past weekend as well.


I am a coffee cup collector.  So when I see a vintage or hand made cups I have to buy them.  My morning Joe with some coconut oil.


I enjoy riding or walking down to the lake, the waterfalls are so serene.  I am hoping to walk this evening but it all depends on how my physiology appointment goes this afternoon.  I need more cardio in my workout but my sciatic never says otherwise.  I am so frustrated!  I am not loosing any weight right now.


My son bought a used bike the other day.  He had been riding a cheap bike we had gotten for my step-son.  He just wanted to try cycling because I had been so into it in the past.  He’s hooked and got this awesome Cannondale “bad Boy” from 2009 off Craigs List.  It’s a really nice bike with many new parts, I’m kind of envious.


Pounds to loose – 101

Pounds lost 14

What’s your favorite bottled beverage, juice or coffee?



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