Paleo Diet, Exercise + Dresses

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday night one of our family members messaged me for our new address to send a “save the date” card.  aka. more weight loss motivation.  I know this was coming due to the absolutely beautiful engagement photos on FB recently.  We could not be happier for them and can’t wait for the wedding.  I want to make my own dress to wear to this Florida wedding which may or may not be Disney themed.  I’ve just finished a beautiful maxi dress I just need to hem it.  I do love to sew, just one of my many hobbies.

Time for Paleo goodness.  I make pulled pork in the crockpot at once every couple of weeks along with my own BBQ sauce.  Almost every BBQ sauce in the grocery is full of “high fructose corn syrup” and I am having NONE of the mess.  It’s one of the things I have cut from my diet.  I read every label to ensure there is none in whatever I buy so that means I have started making a lot of things from scratch.  I’ve also started making my own salad dressings.

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The 4 pound pork roast cooked well in the crockpot, I rubbed the roast with a seasoning of my making and added a 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar & 3/4 cup water mix.  Then cooked for about 6 hours on high.  it fell apart when done.  The BBQ sauce, a goto recipe I found on Pinterest which we love.  Asparagus lightly sautéed in lemon and basil completed our paleo dinner.  But there is plenty left over for salads and such.

My first walk today beginning my 5k training.  My good friend and I plan to do our first 5k this fall and I plan to be beyond ready at that point.  I’ve done one other 5k several years ago, the Susan J. Corman breast cancer walk in Nashville but the group I was with really didn’t stick to the route and stopped several times, they were not truly serious about the walk.  Their main goal was to get in front of the TV cameras.  So I have not done another since.  But that is about to change.

Todays stats for accountability.


I can say I tried to get my walk in early today because of the heat and humidity but it was “thick” out there today.  At one point I just wanted to collapse on someones lawn under a tree, the smell of fresh mown grass and magnolias wafting past, take a little nap before heading home.  But I stayed true to myself.  My dedication and determination are strong and I hope to build a good momentum with some solid goals.  The walking path was so green and manicured today but as I said you can see the thick air in this picture.


For my walk I needed some tasty fuel so I mixed up a delicious coffee smoothie before I set out.  An easy recipe of 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop of protein powder, 8 oz. of cold coffee, 3/4 cup of almond milk and some ice.  I grated a little cocoa on top for extra yumminess. Processed with MOLDIV

I love my “Ninja” blender.  It works well for what I have been doing in the kitchen lately but I enviously covet a vitamin blender and may have to suck it up and get one soon.  I just need to find a place for it in the kitchen.  My collection of kitchen appliances has grown quite large.

My simple but delectable lunch with, you guessed it, left over pulled pork.  It was so yummy and I’ve been told I should market my rubs and I am seriously thinking of doing just that.


My wonderful doctor told me about an amazing piece of kitchen paraphernalia that she absolutely loves, the “Instant Pot”  and after reading a few recipes I am seriously considering this purchase.  If anyone has one let me know what you thing please.  She was very please with my weight loss and exercise and diet choices, she is a Paleonite as well and shared her favorite Paleo recipe site with me.  The NomNomPaleo site.  I am in love with this site and this site is the precise reason I want an Instant pot.

Well, there you have it, my blog for today.  But, please check back tomorrow because I will have a new recipe for Paleo stuffed poblano peppers that is simply delicious.  So stay tuned.

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