5K Training & Weekend Wanderlust


Hello Tuesday!

I’ve been training with 2 of my best friends for a 5K in October.  I have also been dealing with a back injury and it had been a bit of a struggle some days.  Have you ever felt like you’re sitting still while the world is rushing past?  I’ve had to modify all my workouts since I began (again).  I can’t really say why I ever stopped before other than that life just decided to try and get in the way and I let it.  I was kind of like having your head shoved into a bucket of mud and holding it there.  I’ve finally found the strength to resist, lift up my head and breath again.  Ah, but coffee makes everything better now doesn’t it.


But now, when I sit still I feel like something is passing me by but I think it is because I am just so eager to create a life that I really LOVE.  I think I’m getting there.


Weekend recap:  We really had a hard time coming up with something to do this weekend so we just got up and went.  We took the top off the jeep, grabbed the camera and the go pro and drove.  It was the most fun.  We ended up at a little burger joint we both love called Karin’s Kustard & Hambergers.  If you are from Middle Tennessee you know where I’m talking about.  Their onion rings are to-die-for!  I had chicken and onions rings and still stayed within calories, which I am happy about.

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I was trying very hard to get this post done Monday but the day got away from before I knew it.  I have been busy gathering content for some upcoming recipe posts so be watching for a those real soon.


My 5K training is going very well considering.  I think I have my back injury under control with stretches and exercises my Physiologist provided me.  I am proud to say I am up to almost 3.5 miles and I am thinking of starting to split my walks up and do 2 miles in the morning and 2 miles in the evening.  that way I can start working on getting my time down.

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I had to get some gear for my 5K training.  Check out my awesome 80’s shades and my new insulated “bacon & eggs” water bottle.  I feel like a cool kid now.


We got the opportunity to taste the first of the tomatoes from the garden finally, the first one to get ripe got a big bite taken out of it by some sort of vermin.  My garden is growing very well so I’ve plated more veggies, Zucchini, corn, sunflowers and different herbs.  I’m also planning a fall garden as well.  Yum, I love fresh food.

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I also LOVE to grill,  I would grill everything if I could.  This weekend I bought a nice flank steak, marinated and grilled it and I must say, it came out perfect.  I was so pleased and the marinate was so simple, just some olive oil, soy sauce, garlic and pepper.

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When my body or the weather does not allow a walk I rely on my recumbent bike for a good calorie burn.  I’ve gotten back up to about 30 minutes at 18-19 miles an hour which burns a good amount of calories.  had to listen to a little KC and the Sunshine Band for a good rhythm.  As you can see my bike has seen better days, I’ve had it for years and its still going strong but I fear is may not last much longer.

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Thank you for visiting and please stay tuned because I have an amazing chicken crock-pot recipe I will be sharing tomorrow.


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