About Me

Welcome to my blog.  Thank you so much for being here.  I’ve started sharing my weight loss journey on social media to keep myself motivated, hold “me” accountable and hopefully inspire others along the way.


What I blog about?  A little bit of everything.  A journey isn’t about one single thing. It’s about everything.  All of it! The success and failures, the challenges, love, feelings and fears.  It’s about the food and recipes I make, fitness, people, pets and traveling to new destinations and so much more.

Some Tidbits about me.  I am beautifully right in the middle of my life.  My goal is to put maximum effort into my life to achieve my goals and fulfill my “bucket list”.  I want to reach other women who share this same space and inspire them as others have inspired me.

I live in the South in a suburb of Nashville, TN but, I grew up in Central Florida beneath the Magnolias, mossy oaks or on the beautiful sandy beaches.  My heart is always beside the ocean looking out to the horizon.


I have the most amazing Family anyone could hope for.  We support each other and Join in on each others journeys.  There are other weight loss and success stories in my family that have inspired me to pursue my passion at the moment of writing and sharing my journey.

I have goals and my bucket list to motivate me to get healthy so I can achieve them all.  There have been and will be challenges as I have said but I am really excited to see where this journey will take me.


Usually you’ll find me taking photos, writing (my passion) reading books (or listening to them-I LOVE Audible) walking the dogs Zoey & Lucy or play with them, gardening, meal planning, doing yoga or curled up in a blanket drinking coffee in front of the fireplace or TV.


I am Southern so of course, I love it when it’s warm and being a Native Floridian I like it humid too.  My absolute favorite memory is after a day at the beach throwing my sea soaked hair up in a clip, throwing on a sarong, some sandals, feeling the salty air stick to my sun browned skin heading out for an evening walk in St. Augustine, FL for some good music, local wine and crab legs.